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Nothing brings people together like a disaster. It’s human nature. Time and again through the historical hurricanes Harvey and Irma these past few weeks, the stories of humanity at its best have illuminated God’s light. I don’t recall a time where I’ve ever seen so many people with such compassion and ingenious fortitude come to the aid of their neighbors. In one of the most divisive times in our country, people stopped, dropped and took action.

When we mobilize, Americans are unstoppable forces of nature themselves. When we extend our hands and hearts to those in need, race, gender, politics and economics matter not.

When we mobilize, spirits lift. When we mobilize, we show others what a helping hand should look like. When we mobilize, we are reminded that there are still good people in this world and that we are all God’s children.


Weeks, months and years lay ahead in recovery efforts. As blue skies return, I urge each and every one of us to keep giving our expertise, time and money to help organizations and efforts in our local communities. Keep…on…mobilizing!

Beyond money and volunteering, there are simple, small steps we can all take that can make a tremendous difference in lives. As communities absorb evacuees:

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