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New CoHort Begins Fall 2020

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Are you Ready to Level Up?

New CoHort Begins February 2020

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Are you Ready to Level Up?



You went for the job you wanted, and you got it. It was great for a while only now your life has changed, and you feel out of balance. It’s time to head in a new direction. The problem is you have no idea which way to go. You’re ready to map out your next step.


Your stomach is in knots because they’ve announced another reorg. This time you want to do things different. Instead of just accepting what you get, you’re ready to figure out what you want, and pursue what interests you. You’re ready to take control.


You feel like you’re using about 10% of your brain to do your job. But that’s not you. You’re driven and want to be proud of what you do. You’re ready to find a role that energizes you and allows you to make a difference.


You’ve been knocking it out of the park, and yet you keep getting passed over from promotion. You are over it! You want a plan to get on a new career path and fast. You are ready for more.


You’re stuck in a space that’s too small for your strengths, talents, and abilities. You want more than going through the motions. It’s time for a change, and you’re ready to take action.

Sis, if this sounds familiar

it’s time to take control of your career!

What better way to do it than with the support of a C-Suite executive ready to share her “behind the closed-door secrets,” and a network of outstanding professional women like you?

Hi, I’m Katrina McGhee, a former Chief Marketing Officer turned Empowerment Advocate and Career Success Strategist. My passion in life is helping driven women like you achieve your highest ambitions. I believe in you because I have been in your shoes. Over the span of my thirty-year career, at one time or another, I’ve been ...


  • Stuck in a job I hated without a clue how to move forward.
  • Passed over for promotions when I felt like I was more than qualified.
  • Bored out of my mind doing work that wasn’t challenging or fulfilling.
  • Frustrated when my ideas were ignored – at least until someone else said them.
  • Assigned to a boss that had no clue as to what I do.
  • Been underpaid and afraid to ask for a raise.

Yep! I’ve experienced all of that and so much more. I also managed to overcome it and create the career I desired. So can you!


Through it all, I’ve learned some powerful lessons about what it takes to get unstuck and on the path to your greatest success. On my way to becoming a C-Suite executive, I discovered that...

Success is formulaic. Our paths are unique based on our talents and choices. The competencies needed to lead and succeed are consistent.

That’s why I’m so excited to invite you to be a part of our 10 Weeks to Win career accelerator. It equips you with the three things you need to create the career you most desire - coaching, courses, and a thriving community of empowered executives ready to support each other as we “level up” and live the lives we’ve imagined.




10 Weeks to Win is powerful because it’s the total package. It includes LIVE group coaching weekly, video modules featuring actionable advice that you can access anytime, and a lifetime membership in our empowered executive tribe. In one accelerator you learn, connect, and grow.

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10 Weeks of “Empowerment Hour” Live Group Coaching

Each week we’ll meet live to unpack a principle and then dive into a lively Q&A session powered by you. You’ll be empowered to immediately take action on issues you’re facing right now as we discuss how to discover your next step on your path to career success.

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10 Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be You. Video Modules

Get unlimited access to the online course designed to help you get noticed and rewarded for your great work. Go deep into the power of personal branding, stand-out executive presence, A-Player positioning, and the art of telling compelling career story. These are the tools you need to succeed today and in years to come.

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Lifetime Membership in the Empowered Executive Tribe

Get to know other ambitious professional women who are passionate about pursuing the life of their dreams. This is your opportunity to connect and empower each other in our closed Facebook Group. I’ll be popping in each week to answer questions, share tools, and motivate you to aspire higher.

“Two words: LIFE CHANGER! Katrina McGhee literally changed my life. I was in a job where I was certainly performing at an elevated level, but not being promoted, and definitely not valued. I finally reached the tipping point, and said to myself, "enough is enough". I reached out to Katrina, and she asked the tough questions that her book, Be Bold, Be Brilliant, Be YOU, touches on. She helped me identify my "must-haves" for my next career move, fine tune my interviewing storytelling, and ultimately build the confidence that was hiding behind fear, doubt, and complacency. I could not have harnessed the power and value inside of me, without her help. I was able to level up significantly and join a company that values its employees on day one! I could go on and on, but simply put...she's a true gem.”

– Ashley S.

Plus Tools to Use For the Road Ahead



Get a Career Success Power Pak that includes autographed copies of both of my books (Loving on Me! and Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be You.) and an inspirational journal for note-taking and guided exercises during our coaching calls.


Get a Career Success Power Pak that includes autographed copies of both of my books (Loving on Me! and Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be You.) and an inspirational journal for note-taking and guided exercises during our coaching calls.

This is the professional development you’ve always wanted but could never find or couldn’t afford. It’s a 10-Week investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your career.

Here are a few of the success secrets we’ll cover:

...and this is just the tip of the iceberg.


This is going to be an epic adventure, as each week during our “Empowerment Hour” coaching session we’ll co-create the content. The first half of the session I’ll teach. This is when you’ll pick up the time-tested principles that, when applied, immediately amplify your impact.


The second half of our session is all Q&A. Your questions become real-time problem-solving sessions. We’re going to scratch where you itch so that you leave powered up and ready to conquer the challenges you’re facing in your everyday.


The cool part is if you can’t join us live we’ll send you a recording the next day. Your zany work schedule will not throw you off track.


The other thing I can assure you is that 10 Weeks to Win won’t take a lot of your time. An hour investment each week will pay huge dividends in your career. Small shifts – in your thinking, the way you show up, and your courageous choices – can make a world of difference.

Take One Hour A Week To Change Your Life


When you register for 10 Weeks to Win you’ll gain increased clarity and confidence in making BOLD moves in your career. Through guided exercises and group coaching (that includes answers to your most pressing questions), you’ll discover how to...


  • Determine what you really want and the path to go get it.
  • Develop a compelling career story that allows you to market your mastery.
  • Position yourself to get noticed and promoted for your great work.
  • Cultivate and sustain relationships with mentors that support your success.
  • Communicate and negotiate with confidence for what you want and need.


Plus you’ll have a network of professional women that is priceless. No longer do you have to feel like you’re going it alone.

“Invested. That’s the first word that comes to mind when choosing Katrina McGhee for coaching. She knows how to guide me through leadership scenarios to reach resolutions that not only produce desired results but also bring joy and satisfaction – knowing I’ve tapped my full potential. Her personal work experience makes these conversations all the more valuable. And her supplementary materials, including books and videos, reinforce the priceless tips she effortlessly shares as a charismatic speaker with a wonderful sense of humor. While she encourages her “sisters” to “Be You” – I can’t help but admit, I am usually thinking, I want to “Be Her!”

– Nancy Newton


The best news I have for you is that each week the whole program will cost less than your weekly coffee budget. Seriously...whether you can get this paid for by your company, or you’re investing in yourself, I don’t want price to be the reason you don’t join us. I’ve made this as inexpensive as possible to eliminate at least one barrier from your quest to level up in your career.


The question is – do you believe you are worth the investment?

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I sure hope so, because you are too talented to stay in a space too small for your spirit.


Listen, if you’re tired of being stuck, this accelerator program is for you. No more wishing and wanting – it’s time to TAKE ACTION. Register for 10 Weeks to Win and get on the path to achieving the career success you desire.


It is possible. You deserve more. Let’s go get it, together.

The fun begins soon and slots are limited. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn, connect, and grow.



10 Hours of Live Group Coaching

10 Video Modules

Lifetime Membership in the Empowered Executive Tribe.