Everyone can be an A-player. Some of us are just out of position.

As a success strategist, my passion in life is helping individuals and organizations achieve their highest aspirations. Whether I’m speaking at a conference, teaching corporate courses in leadership and sales, or I’m mentoring young women my mission is the same – to inspire, equip, and ignite leaders to maximize their impact and make our world a better place.

Motivational Speaking

With over 20 years experience in leadership and women’s empowerment, I’ve been blessed to serve as a keynote speaker and panelist in countries around the world. From luncheons of a few hundred to stadiums filled with thousands, I’ve shared practical life lessons that allow attendees to immediately amplify their impact. I speak heart to heart, on topics that challenge us to take charge and lead in every aspect of life. Below are a few of my topics. I can also customize my speech to be in sync with your event theme.



The world is full of successful people but no one is quite like you. Learn how to power up your personal brand by taking what sets you apart and packaging it so that in a “sea of same,” you are positioned to shine bright, boldly standing out in the crowd.


7 Keys to Become a More Confident and Empowered Leader

Increasing your influence is critical to becoming a more effective leader. Learn how to show up, speak up, and set an example that ignites your team to aspire higher. With these 7 keys you can unlock your greatest potential, to be a leader others are inspired to follow.


5 Strategies for Achieving Success, Sanity, and Significance

As a busy executive, life can sometimes feel out of control. Learn how to go from trying to “balance it all” to becoming a balanced person, sharing your highest and best wherever you go. With these 5 strategies you are in the driver’s seat, creating the life you most want to live.

Transformational Teaching

From my first professional job as a Royalty Analyst at ARCO Oil and Gas to my last corporate position as EVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Susan G. Komen for the Cure, I’ve served as a powerful agent of change, transforming organizations from the inside out. Now I’m dedicated to ensuring this generation of leaders has the tools they need to succeed. Each of my courses is designed to increase individual success while also improving overall team performance. Check out this year’s available group classes.


This 2-day course focuses on your organization’s unique space in the marketplace, the assets available for partnership, and triggers for consumers to engage with your brand. It’s designed to reinforce consistent messaging when speaking about the organization and prepares your team for answering tough, comparative questions of potential new partners and donors. Attendees will focus on the following:

  • Learning your organization's fast facts
  • Understanding your unique space in the market place
  • Sharing your story in a compelling fashion -   Maximizing the sales cycle

Great for non-profit organizations that want to increase fundraising and strengthen their brand.


This 2-day course features one on one and group coaching on presentation creation and delivery. The course is built around my 10 Tips for Powerful Presentations and focuses on refining their skills in marketing the brand and highlighting your unique partnership opportunities. Students are given customized scenarios based on their core responsibilities, which they use to create presentations.

  • The course includes individual feedback based on attendee’s unique style and strengths.
  • Group coaching and practice on extemporaneous speaking.
  • Videotaped feedback for further refinement.
  • This is an awesome class for anyone who wants to deliver more powerful presentations.


Are your leaders ready to inspire their teams to reach new heights? Send your managers and directors on a two-day deep dive into the 12 keys of successful 360-leadership – learning to influence peers, subordinates, and senior leadership to maximize impact and enhance organizational success. This interactive course provides practical strategies that allow participants to do the following:

  • Discover their personal leadership style and strengths
  • Identify unique ways to empower and encourage team members
  • Explore simple yet effective ways to enhance corporate culture
  • Build a leadership plan that supports the achievement of individual and team goals.
  • Each participant also receives three optional Skype coaching calls following the course to support the immediate implementation of new learning.

Strategic Advising

I feel so fortunate to work with some of America’s greatest charities, such as Boys and girls of America, and Wounded Warrior Project. Whether it’s team learning and development, or organizational strategy, my goal is simple – to maximize mission impact. If you’d like to explore how we can work together, e-mail me a brief synopsis of your needs. Let’s do some good together!

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