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Hey Friends, Are you ready to unlock your potential and unleash your greatness? If so, then let’s Go Get Your More! Join me on a FREE 52-week journey to identify your heart’s greatest desires, and determine your unique path for achieving them.

Through our Go Get Your More weekly video series, I provide practical strategies that help you match your actions with your ambitions so you can boldly move forward in creating the life you most want to live. In just 10 minutes each week, you’ll learn how to…

  • Change the way you think…replacing feelings of with expectations that inspire you to aspire higher.
  • Upgrade how you speak to you…saying NO to negativity while affirming your worth with your words.
  • Ignite your courage…boosting your confidence with small steps that help you immediately take action in achieving your goals.

It’s Time. You’re Ready! Let’s step out of status quo living, and boldly pursue the more God has in store for you. Here’s how it works! When you sign-up using the form below, you’ll automatically become a part of our Loving on Me family, and on the following Monday, you’ll begin your journey.

Each video newsletter will focus on one area that is important to master, and yet often trips us up on the journey.

Check out the sneak peek below from week 26…

In addition to videos like the one above, you’ll also get an encouraging blog, song, and scripture to equip you for the road ahead. It’s you and I for 10 minutes each week, breaking down barriers so you can build the life of your dreams.

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